The Faith of A “Creature”

In the play, Creature, we are introduced to Margery Kempe. Margery is a middle-class medieval townswoman. After the recent birth of her child, Margery becomes tormented by the sights of devils all around her for several months. She is only relieved of these illusions by a vision of Jesus Christ dressed in purple garments. After… Continue reading The Faith of A “Creature”


“The Underground Railroad” Introductory Blog Post (pages 3-70)

The novel “The Underground Railroad”, written by Colson Whitehead, is the story of Cora, a young woman born into slavery on a cotton plantation in Georgia. The story begins with the first chapter titled “Ajarry” narrating the life story of Cora’s grandmother, Ajarry. Ajarry was kidnapped by Dahomeyan raiders that marched her, her family, and… Continue reading “The Underground Railroad” Introductory Blog Post (pages 3-70)